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Welcome to the Sure-Fit Designs™
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Before you is an entire library of fitting and sewing videos and articles.  They are catalogued for easy access and feature measuring, pattern fitting, sewing, designing, fitting commercial patterns, plus-size fitting and other related pages.

Increase your sewing skills…learn in the comfort of your home and at your own speed.  Return and watch videos or read the articles as many times as you want…they’re all complimentary.

Above you'll find direct links to the individual fitting kits, accompanying tools, and new designing books.  Just click on a link to take you directly to the item you'd like to see.

A great place to start is the “Getting Started” page.

Watch this short video introducing you a Pattern Perfect Body Match™ .
We are committed to your sewing and fitting success.
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the Learning Center...
...Learn more about the Learning Center by wathcing this short video.  This help and learning center is here for your sewing and fitting benefit.
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