This page is dedicated to the LIVE Chats/Events that are published on YouTube.  They are can go back and watch them at any time.  Lots of valuable information abounds in the videos below.

LIVE Chats & Events - (LC)

  • LC #1 Meet Glenda the Good Stitch as I 
        Introduce our international SFD distributors 

  • LC #3 - Enter and play the Name this Sew Along game.  What would you call this particular Sew Along considering all the different design elements?

  • LC #4 - Glenda the Good Stitch introduces the Caprezio Top Sew Along by Sure-Fit Designs.  When you enroll, you'll receive video, text and PDF document lessons.  Enroll and enjoy!

  • LC #5 - Dawn and Myra from That Sewing Blab interview Glenda!  If you want to know a little historical information about Glenda's background and how Sure-Fit Designs got started, get yourself a cup of coffee or tea and watch the interview.

  •   LC #6 - Sure-Fit Designs Anniversary Chat: Learn how to Divide your Bust Dart.​

  •   LC #7 - The Beloved T-Shirt gets better with Sure-Fit Designs.​

  • LC #8 - Jingle Jangle...What's My Angle - a discussion about shoulder slope.​

  • LC #9 - Sleeves & All Their Quirkiness - shedding some light on the issue of sleeves.

  • LC #10 - Clever Collars Forever - a discussion regarding collars and the use of the Master Pattern Collar Collection from Sure-Fit Designs.

  • LC #11 - The Heart of the Dart - learn how to go beyond the E-cup dart for all you very full-busted ladies (F, G, H, I and beyond - all is possible with Sure-Fit Designs). Also see how to perfect the dart extension cutting point. Plus...experience how to move the dart to different locations. Much is taught in this free live chat.

  •    LC #12 - Princess Line Perfection - Participate with Glenda the Good Stitch as she takes you through the simple process of designing and drawing a princess line pattern.
Sure-Fit Designs LIVE Chats & Events from YouTube


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To see what the Designer's Companion is used for and how it is different from the Designing Stylus, please click here.
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