I so often am asked if Sure-Fit Designs™ provides sewing instruction steps.  Beginners are particularly worried that they might not know how to sew the pieces together and what should happen first.

Even though Sure-Fit Designs™ is primarily a fitting and designing system, there are sewing construction steps provided for specific designs in all the Dress, Pants, Shirt, Children’s kits and in the Men’s Instructional Package.  Here’s where you’ll find the information and though construction illustrations are not always provided, the instructions tell you what to do and in what order.

Sure-Fit Designs™ Shirt Kit:
  • General instructions for sewing the shirt are on page 15 of the Shirt Kit Instruction book.
  • Sewing robes are found on page 21.
Sure-Fit Designs™ Pants Kit:
  • How to sew basic pants together is provided on page 11 of the Pants Kit Instruction book.  
  • Sewing jeans is provided on page 23.
  • Sewing an elastic waist is on page 24.
  • Inserting a pocket opening (eliminates the need for a zipper and is extremely comfortable) is on page 25.
  • Inserting an inseam pocket is on page 25.
  • Sewing a zipper fly front is on page 27.
Sure-Fit Designs™ Dress Kit:
  • Bodice sewing construction steps are found on the following video tutorials:
         D.8.a Pt. 1-Fabric Choice/Layout/Cutting
  D.8.b Pt. 2-How to Sew and Press Darts
  D.8.c Pt. 3-Sewing Shoulder & Side Seams
  D.8.d Pt. 4-How to Set in the Sleeve
  D.8.e Pt. 5-Staystitching/Pressing/Fit Evaluation
Sure-Fit Designs™ Children's Kit:
  • General instructions for sewing elastic back pants are found on page 17 of the Children’s Kit Instruction book.
  • How to insert a zipper fly front is on page 18.
  • How to attach a bib to a waist edge is on page 18.
  • General instructions for sewing a shirt/blouse are on page 21.
  • Sewing a child’s cross-over shoulder T-shirt is on page 26.
  • Sewing a hood on to a neck edge is found on page 22.
  • How to sew a tab neckline treatment is on page 25.
  • General skirt sewing instructions are on page 27.
  • How to sew a tab front is found on page 32.
  • How to sew children’s robes are on pages 30 & 31.
  • How to sew a girl’s party dress is on page 35.

Sure-Fit Designs™ Men’s Instructional Package:
  • General sewing construction steps for men’s pants is on page 12.

Sure-Fit Designs™ Newest downloadable leaflets:

Sure-Fit Designs™ Newest book/DVD combinations:  
All new designs - each with complete step-by-step sewing construction instructions.

(Each book/DVD is designed specifically to go hand-in-hand with the Pants Kit, Shirt Kit and Dress Kit.)

In an effort to give you sewing guidance, first analyze your current resources.  Did you know all of these how-to sewing instructions existed in the Sure-Fit Designs™ kits, patterns, books and leaflets?  Use this information as a handy guide to find what you might be looking for.

Second, do you have a stockpile of existing commercial patterns?  The sewing steps provided on the accompanying guide sheets provide an excellent source of instruction.  Their pattern may not be exactly what you are wanting to sew, but if there is any similarity in design to what you are creating, their instructions can be a great resource.

Third, do you have any general sewing construction resource books?  There are a number of comprehensive books available that not only provide construction techniques, but will also provide step-by-step procedures.  My favorite is the Vogue Sewing Book.  It’s a thick resource guide and well worth the investment.

For more information on how to sew the garment together read this article Part 2: Sewing Construction Guidelines.

Part 1: Sewing Construction Steps - Sewing Instructions provided by Sure-Fit Designs


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