To eliminate unnecessary bulk when sewing pull on pants with waist elastic, follow these easy steps.  

1.  Cut a piece of muslin or stable cotton/poly blend fabric the width of your elastic by 3 inches. ie: If using 2" (5cm) wide elastic, cut stabilizing fabric 2" X 3".  (5 x 8 cm).
The results are sturdy, lay flat and reduce bulk.
Happy Sewing!

PS - Here's a very short video showing this easy process.
2.  Measure and cut your elastic to go around your hips. Cut it exactly the measurement you need and test it to ensure that it will pull up comfortably  over your hips yet not be too loose at the waist.

3.  Make sure the elastic is cut with evenly squared edges.

4.  Butt the edges of the elastic together. With the stabilizing fabric underneath, pin the elastic to the fabric, keeping ends of elastic as close together as possible.

5.  Zig zag or straight stitch fabric to elastic keeping the edges of the elastic butted together in the middle of the fabric rectangle. Sew in a square shape and then reinforce by sewing an "X" in the middle of the square.

6.  Trim off excess muslin about 1/4" from stitching.

Knit Tip: How to Sew & Joining Elastic without Bulk


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