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SFD Customer Photo Gallery
New SFD customers are always wanting to see garments that have been sewn with the Sure-Fit Designs fitting and sewing system.  And many of you have so generously taken photos of your projects.  I am always grateful for your contribution as I know you have to get 'dressed up' and have someone else take the photo.  Then you have to get it into your computer and email if off to me.  It all takes a lot of time.  I am appreciative!

Some of you have designed from 'scratch' and others have worked with commercial patterns and used their SFD body blueprint (your sloper) to get that pattern to fit properly.  Whichever process you've chosen, you've all done a great job of working with your Sure-Fit Designs patterns.  All of you are extremely happy with the results.

As for new customers viewing these photos, you'll see some are blurry, some have limbs or heads cut off, and with others the lighting might not be the best.  Please remember these are amateur photos, but all contributors are proud of their accomplishments...and you will be too.  Just realize that you have a tremendous amount of flexibility with Sure-Fit Designs to create and sew any style you want with a fit designed for your unique body shape and size. 

Again, my sincere thanks go out to all of you who have put in the effort to contribute their project photos.
Kindly, Glenda
Karen just completed the SFD Pants Fitting class with me here in Oregon.  These are her finished Yoga pants.  She's 5' 10" and diamond shaped.  I think you'll agree, they fit her beautifully.
Marilyn blended the best of both worlds.  She used a Vogue pattern and fitted it with her SFD blueprint (sloper).

Marilyn comments - 'Here is a picture of my Kay Yunger Vogue Dress that I used my sloper from SFD to fit to my body. It is a very form fitting dress that I would not have been able to do without the sloper.  Thanks for all your help!'
Melissa is a busy mom, but still found time to sew for herself.

She says, 'This is the first real dress I've finished for myself.  I was quite pleased with how it came out! It is very comfortable to wear and I love how the bust to waist fit actually fits for once and doesn't pull open anywhere. The last one is a shirt that is a knock-off of the Colette Patterns Sorbetto top. It is a free pattern that they offer, and I love the look, so I thought it would fit better if I just started with my SFD sloper and redrafted it using the style details of the Sorbetto'.
Lynette is from Australia and is very pleased working with the SFD fittng system.

She comments, 'The culottes are from the pattern we recently discussed from the Stitches mag., They are a llinen/cotton blend and beautiful material to sew, iron and wear. I'm very pleased with the result.

And the pretty dress, 'The dress is of stretch cotton and is an armscye princess favourite design. After working on the basic pattern this dress was a breeze to make. I loved the idea of the petal sleeves. I found that I had to adjust them so that they weren't too flared as I am small in the arm'.
Andrea is from Australia.  She sews for friends and family alike.  She just completed a bridesmaid dress, but unfortunately the photo was so dark it was impossible to see detail.

This is a dress she's made for an annual business function. She says, 'Here is a photo of my new dress that I made.
We had a really good night.  Everybody loved my dress.'
Shelby is from Kentucky and is a member of their ASG Fit & Style group.

Her comments, 'This one is the Vogue jacket that is the same pattern as on your Adjusting to Commercial Fit video. I have had the pattern for several years and had made it once. It didn’t fit. After making my dress/bodice blueprint, I tried it again and you can see it fits very well. Yeah! As we all say at the meeting now, “With SFD you can be sure of the fit.” LOL'.

And a comment about the group - 'We have made great progress as a group and everyone is getting very close to a good fitting blueprint. The enthusiasm level is very high that a fit is within reach for many who have struggled for years. The success, so far, has encouraged more to join our group and work on getting a fit for themselves.
Shelby also contributed this lovely Cowl Neck blouse - designed from Beyond Bodice Basics.  And the pants are the Contoured Waistband style from Pants that Mix 'n' Multiply.
Becky looks so casual and comfortable in her well-fitting linen blouse.  She used a commercial pattern for the collar and blended the 'best of both worlds'.  Well done, Becky!
Carolyn is a very prolific seamstress.  Much of what she sews is designed with Sure-Fit Designs.  She's acheived such a good fit, that it's easy to draw a new pattern in no time.  Her 'sherbet' dress (to the left) received no end of compliments!

For more of Carolyn's projects see her blog Carolyn's Sewing Room
Una is another Australian SFD fan.  Her yoga/gym pants are straight out of Pants that Mix 'n' Multiply.
Joy hs sewn so many blouses with her SFD Dress Kit (the bodice pattern, of course) that I've lost count.  Here, she's used this wonderful, lively floral print.  Indeed, it matches her 'joyful' smile.  To see more of Joy's creations, go to Joyful Expressions.
From Cheryl, who comments, 'I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, sewing basket and 6 Rubbermaid Bins full of patterns for Sure-Fit Designs. Sewing is so much fun now! I have loved to sew for forty years but now it is really, really fun.  I work in a department store and a customer asked what department I got my blouse from.  She was truly amazed when I told her I designed and sewed it myself'.
Monica from Germany sewed these leisure/jogging pants for her 'hard-to-fit' mother.  She says they are the most comfortable and well-fitting leisure pants in the world.....
Thank you Monica and Mom
These are just some of the more current photos that have been submitted.  Thanks again to everyone.  There are many previous customer's creations that can be found on the following pages:
Customer Comments
Fit Just For Me
SFD Blog - Rave Reviews
Comfortable travel wardrobe...

She's off on vacation with new travel tops and comfy yoga pants.  3 coordinated tops and black yoga pants.  She says, ' They are incredibly comfortable.  I absolutely love the pants pattern and the Sure-Fit Designs fit!  Una so generously took the time to take these photos and send them to me prior to their vacation.

Don't you just love the brilliant satin she choose for PJ's.  Her husband thinks he needs sunglasses when retiring, but she LOVES them!
The sleeve?  It's the pretty Petal/Tulip sleeve.
Joy has created a V-neck knit pull-over bouse from the Dress Kit bodice pattern.  Even though she has a rounded upper and swayed lower back, this particular top was cut with CB on the Fold.  The fit is still great. 

Notice the photo inset.  The green line shows the French Dart coming up from the lower side seam.  Always a flattering dart on so many figure shapes.

Thank you Joy!
Joyful Expressions

Carol's 'Poet's Blouse'

Carol has combined the best of both worlds.  She has used her SFD bodice for the basis of her blouse.

Then she used a commercial pattern for the neckline shaping and the ruffle.

'Borrowing' features from commercial patterns is a great way to maximize the use of your stash of commercial patterns and apply those features to your well-fitting SFD sloper.

It's sewn from cotton voile - a perfect fabric choice for her hot summer days.

Thank you Carol!

Gwen's comfy shirt-style blouse from the SFD Dress Kit.

Gwen says 'I've been following the discussion about Sure-Fit Designs on Stitcher's Guild (Artisans Square) for some time.  A while ago, I took the plunge and bought the Dress Kit, Pants Kit and Shirt Kit.  This first garment I've made is a blouse, using the Dress Kit.  It's very plain--bust darts, vertical darts front and back.  Convertible collar. Roll-up sleeves.  The fabric is a poly/cotton blue and red stripe.  This blouse is as perfectly fitted, I think, as a blouse can be, considering my lumpy, middle-aged body.

I love how it fits!  It's great to have a TNT bodice that I can make into blouses or jackets or dresses--whatever I want.  I'm having a ball.

I'll be sewing blouses for a while, changing each one and adding different collars, cuffs and silhouettes to each. I'm so happy!'

Gwen's Blog...All My Seams

Joy is back at it again with the perfect sleeveless blouse to wear during the heat of summer.

It's from the SFD Dress Kit.

If you look closely at the front just below the shoulder line, you'll see she added a shoulder yoke.

Instructions for Yoke Designing are found on Page 24 of the Dress Kit Instruction Book.

Thank you Joy!
Joyful Expressions

Sue Schulz from Melbourne Australia teaches pattern work and design as well as sews for private clients.  The Sure-Fit Designs Dress pattern was the base for this stunning wedding dress. Notice the princess line seaming and the excellent fit.

Sue also enters her creations in the annual Fashion Awards Australia - a couture designer competition that she enters every year. 

Below are her 2011 entries in the Fab Black Dress, Long Gown and Race Wear categories. 

For the Race Wear dress, Sue used a Japanese silk kimono width fabric with a complementary silk dupioni.

The black dress features the SFD bodice and the Subtraction Pattern Cutting method for the skirt.

All creations are stunning! Of course, the initial sloper was fit from the Sure-Fit Designs Dress Kit master patterns.

Thanks so much for sharing your work.
Kiya Tomlin a USA designer - Pittsburg, PA
Kiya says, 'The red leather dress and the two black jumpsuits were made with Sure-Fit Designs. The red leather dress is almost exactly the basic pattern with the exception of the belt and pockets. It was the first thing I made after drafting my Sloper. First time sewing leather, too. Lol. I was feeling pretty adventurous that day! The jumpsuits were my first attempt at the Sure-Fit Designs pants. I widened the legs on both.'

Kiya has always wanted her own design studio.  As a custom designer, SFD abbreviates the tedious work of drafting a sloper for individual clients and lets her get right to the fun part - designing.

Beautiful outfits, Kiya!

In the photo to the left...Sheila shares with us her excellent-fitting tailored jacket designed from her SFD Dress Kit bodice.  General jacket designing directions are found on page 33 of the Dress Kit Instruction book.  A beautiful black and white wool tweed was her fabric of choice and is perfectly complimented with a black skirt and blouse.  This jacket design features traditional side-fitting bust darts.

Excellent work, Sheila!
Sue H from the UK shows us her spring creation...even though it is still blustery and cold across the pond.

Thanks so much for sharing your work.
Joy next to never wears dresses.  So it was quite a surprise to see this finished sheath dress, of course from her SFD Dress bodice and skirt.  But if she was going to wear it, it had to have pockets!  This pocket is the inseam style of pocket that you'll find directions for in the SFD Pants Kit.  It's an easy application whether the side seam is for a skirt or pants.

Thank you Joy!
For more of Joy's creations, go to Joyful Expressions.
The jacket, shown directly above, though similar in color, actually features princess lines that fit her perfectly.

Sheila says, 'I have 2 wonderful jackets in less than a month due to NO fitting issues...I'm very happy!!!'
Leonie Picton (from has so generously shared with you some of her Sure-Fit Designs accomplishments.  She has this to say, 'After my success with my empire line dress, I turned my attention to the Sure-Fit Designs Shirt Kit .  After a mock-up, I went on to sew with a couple of sweater knits. Cutting in to the fabric was quite exciting. I have never sewn a sweater knit before. This one is a dark brown Italian acrylic jumper knit from Knitwit. The problem with stash ordering is estimating the required length. With this one I missed by about 10cm. What to do...... The mock-up was a longer than I like, so I took 2 inches off the bottom. Now the pattern pieces just fit.' 
A happy briedesmaid in an empire design dress by Mary Fleming.
Joy (from Joyful Expressions) always delights us with her versions of SFD instructions.  Here she is showing the inset godet from Style #2 of Beyond Bodice Basics.